How To Clean Your Harness Buckle

Keep your harness buckle fresh for holiday travel!

If sticky liquids such as baby formula, fruit juice, etc. get inside your harness buckle, it may become sluggish. An indication of a sluggish harness buckle is that you cannot hear a click when engaging the last harness tongue.

To restore the harness buckle to good working order it needs to be cleaned as follows:

A. Remove the harness buckle from the restraint: From the underside of the restraint pull each crotch strap 3-bar slide, turn the 3-bar slide on its side and push back through the slot.

B. Place the harness buckle under warm (max. 40 degrees Celsius)running water as shown below. Let the water run through the mouth of the buckle for five minutes. Check the harness buckle is clean by engaging the harness tongues and buckle several times until you hear a click.

C. If you still cannot hear a strong audible click then repeat the cleaning process several times.

D. Refit the harness buckle to the restraint ensuring the red button facing outwards and the 3-bar slide is fed through the same slots.

If the Harness Buckle cannot be returned to its original workingcondition we recommend your contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 303 330.
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