“Looking at the photos, it was a miracle we survived.” Elisabeth Studd

“My 10 week old baby and myself were in a horrible car accident. 100kph head on, with 3 cars hitting us. I want to say a huge thank you to Britax! We had my baby in the center seat, rear facing in a britax car seat (millenia), correctly installed and strapped in well. Looking at the photos, it was a miracle we survived. I’m covered head to toe in bruises and cuts. My baby Evelyn on the other hand didn’t have a single mark on her! She was taken to hospital as a precaution because of the severity of the accident. But looking at her you wouldn’t know she had been in one. The following day we went straight away and purchased the exact same car seat. Thank you for making such an amazing safe car seat! I will only ever trust your brand for my child’s safety!”

Elisabeth Studd