What Is Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT)™?

Introducing AHR™ With SICT™

AHR Side Impact Cushion Technology is designed to improve the chance of surviving a crash, the forces on an occupant need to be minimised. Modern vehicle manufacturers have worked hard to minimise occupant injury by introducing crumple zones and airbags which reduce the impact force exerted on the occupant. In a frontal crash the car has a substantial amount of crumple zone distance but in a side impact crash there is minimal distance to absorb the crash energy.

In response to this, Safe-n-Sound introduces the Active Head Restraint (AHR)™ with Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT)™.

These two features are designed to work together to contain the head and to minimise impact forces that may be delivered to the child’s head.

How Does SICT™ Work?

Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT)™ – Head Protection
SICT™ maximises head protection by dramatically reducing side impact forces. As the cushion compresses it dispels air at a controlled rate, and this results in the cushion absorbing the crash energy. Head acceleration experienced by your child are lower and dispersed over a longer period of time.

Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT)™ – Torso Protection
Torso SICT™ minimises the energy felt on your child’s chest and vital organs, reducing crash forces to a safer level. Torso forces are lower and dispensed over a longer period of time.

Active Head Restraint (AHR)™ – features deeper side wings that shield and contain your child’s head in a side impact crash. AHR™ grows with your child working with SICT™ to contain your child’s head and to minimise impact forces.