Briar Stanley’s Precious Cargo

It’s safe to say the words ‘precious cargo’ could spring to mind when buckling up your children in to the car. I’m a stickler for safety when it comes to car seats, which is why I chose Britax for my most important passengers, Sunday and Rafferty.

A few weeks before the baby arrived we got the Britax Safe-n-Sound Platinum PRO™  installed professionally. The SICT stands for ‘Side Impact Cushion Technology’ which minimises impact  – providing the child the ultimate side impact protection. I also love that the convertible car seat is designed to grow with the baby. The Safe-n-Sound range can be used in the rear facing mode from birth to around twelve months, and then converted to forward facing mode when Rafferty is 12 months old. I chose the colour ‘Khol’ (to minimise stains), but it also comes in a sandstone and charcoal.

Big sister Sunday has also been travelling in comfort for about a year now in her Maxi Guard. We use it in toddler mode for now, using the built in harness. Once Sunday is a little older, we’ll convert the seat to Booster Seat Mode, which is for children around 4 to 6/8 and uses a standard sash seat belt. As Sunday is on the tall side, I love the size of this seat and Sunday is a big fan of her cute little arm rests and drink holder.

My happy little travellers. I’m happy too, knowing my precious cargo is in safe hands.

Thank you Briar Stanley, we are glad to hear your little ones are happy travellers.

You can read all about Briar’s journey here.


Road Rules For Little Passengers

As ‘Safety Leaders’ we want to make the ever-so confusing topic of car seat safety as simple and as straight forward as possible so that you are free to enjoy family life the way you want.

Here’s a handy guide to Australian Road Rules for Child Car Seats and our recommendations for above and beyond safety.


To provide maximum protection for children travelling in vehicles, it is important to choose the right child car seat. Here’s what you need to know…


Refer to your State specific Road Laws Guide as there may be minor variations.

Up to 6 months

Must be secured in an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rearward-facing child car seat.


‘Rear for a Year’ (at least)
0 – 12 months approx.


From 6 months up to 4 years

Must be secured in an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rearward-facing child car seat or a forward-facing child car seat with an inbuilt harness.


Rearward-facing for longer
0 – 4 yrs approx.


From 4 years up to 8 years

Must be secured in an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, forward-facing child car seat with an inbuilt harness or an approved booster seat which is properly positioned and fastened.


Harnessed for longer
6 months – 8 yrs approx. 


7 years and older

From 7 years of age children can travel in a car secured in either a booster seat or the car’s adult seat belt.


Safety beyond 7yrs / 135cm
4 yrs – 10 yrs approx.



Shoulder height markers make it easy for parents to determine if a child car seat is suitable for their child and when the child needs to move to the next child car seat.

Height Markers, located on the inner side of the seat, prompt parents and carers to ensure their child’s seats, and associated harnesses, are moved or adjusted at the right stages of the child’s development to maintain optimised safety.

Lower Shoulder Height Marker

Is my child too small for this child car seat?

Upper Shoulder Height Marker

Is my child too big for this child car seat?

Height Markers that tells you when to change

On some child car seats shoulder height markers will determine when the child needs to change position or change to the next mode.


Grow Like A PRO!

With Our Elite Fleet

Britax understand that one of the most important safety decisions you will make for your child is choosing the right child car seat. For that reason, our safety technologies and innovations have pushed car seat development forward for 50 years. We truly lead the way in child car seat safety and deliver the safest range of child car seats in the world!

As safety leaders, we are advocates for prolonged safety, here’s how:

1) Rear Facing For Longer

We strongly recommend rear-facing for as long as possible as this form of travel supports a child’s head and neck substantially better in vehicle crashes. Even though the Australian Standards states you can forward face from 6 months, we recommend ‘Rear for a Year’ (at least) so that your most precious cargo gets the best start in life. That’s also why we design and manufacture child car seats that give you the opportunity to rear face for longer. Platinum PRO™ – our most advanced car seat yet can be used in rear-facing mode from birth to approximately 30 months and offers revolutionary dual layer head and torso Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™).

2) Harnessed For Longer

It is important not to move your child from a convertible car seat to a booster seat too early. Research has shown that children aged between 2 and 5 years are 3.5 times at risk of serious injury when wearing an adult seatbelt and 4.2 times at risk of a head injury than children in a proper child restraint. Here at Britax Australia, we know ‘Harnessed For Longer’ is safer. Our Maxi Guard PRO™ is great example of a car seat which is suitable for growing children from approximately 6 months to 8 years of age. This forward-facing car seats with an in-built 6-point Hassle Free Harness™ grow with your child and, keep your child securely restrained and safer for longer.
Our easy to use, Hassle Free Harness™ automatically repositions the shoulder strap height as your child grows. There is no need to rethread harness, reducing the risk of incorrect installation and harness fitment.

3) Safety For Longer

It is important not to move your child to a vehicle seat before they are physically ready. You should only move your child out of their existing seat after they have grown past the shoulder height markers on their current seat. Our Kid Guard PRO™ is the only booster of its kind in Australia providing safety all the way up to double figures = 10 years (approx.). Not to mention this booster seat includes our patented innovation – SecureGuard™. This Anti-Submarining device makes our booster seats even safer by adding a 4th attachment point to the adult seat belt. This helps to keep the lap belt in an ideal position over the pelvic bones and better distributes the impact energy involved in frontal collisions. At the same time this allows our little wrigglers freedom of movement during the journey.

Britax – keeping the adults of tomorrow safe-n-sound today!

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What Makes Thermo5® Fabric So Special?

Thermo5® delivers premium comfort your baby deserves.

With Thermo5® fabric we share with you our newest car seats, feeling smooth on the skin and soft to touch for your baby. Thermo5® uses a knitted fabric which provides airflow and wicks moisture away, keeping your baby cool, dry and comfortable.

Thermo5® is:

  1. Smooth on skin;
  2. Soft to touch;
  3. Dry and comfortable;
  4. Knitted with airflow; and
  5. Wicks away moisture.

Our new products to feature this high performing Bamboo Charcoal fabric include:

1. PLATINUM PRO™ — Our Most Advanced Convertible Car Seat

The Platinum PRO™ is Britax Safe-n-Sound’s most advanced convertible car seat. Revolutionary head and torso Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™) minimises impact forces providing your child with the ultimate side impact protection.

2. MILLENIA™ — Hassle Free Travel Companion

Our Millenia™ offers advanced safety features. Designed with dual layer revolutionary Side Impact Cushion Technology™ (SICT™) providing your child the ultimate side impact protection.

3. SLIMM-LINE™ — Ideal For Small Cars & Growing Families

The Slimm-line™ allows for easy to use ISOFIX installation. As your family grows the Slimm-line’s narrow footprint can be configured with other seats and allow for seat belt buckle access enhancing correct car seat installation.

4. UNITY™ – Our Longest Lasting Baby Capsule

The Unity™ ISOFIX Compatible is Australia’s only baby capsule suitable for newborn up to 12 months (approx.) it is also the only baby capsule that has been tested and designed for low birth weight and premature infants without restrictive medical conditions. Provide your little one with the ultimate security with the Unity’s high sidewalls providing maximum side impact protection and use ISOFLEX™ connectors to ensure an easier installation, correct fit and a safer journey every time.

5. UNITY NEOS – Reduce Disturbance To Your Little One

The Unity NEOS Baby Capsule integrated CLICK&GO™ adaptors make this capsule an invaluable travel companion allowing for you to transfer your sleeping baby from car to stroller or out and about. The Unity NEOS™ is available in a sophisticated Grey Denim/Blue & Black/Grey.

6. MAXI GUARD PRO™ – Our Most Advanced Harnessed Car Seat Yet!

Introducing the NEWEST member of the Britax Safe-n-Sound family – the Maxi Guard PRO™, is our Forward Facing Harnessed seat with SICT™ Safety Technology and an inbuilt Hassle Free Harness™ suitable for growing children from approx. 6 months to 8 years.


To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the Steelcraft Strider Compact™ has now been released in a stylish Deluxe Edition which features a leather look handle and arm bars as well as a gorgeous linen look fabric.


Rozalia Russian Trusts Britax…

We’ve once again had the pleasure of partnering with model, entrepreneur and super-mum, Rozalia Russian.

As a working mother of two, Rozalia is always on-the-go and Easter was no exception. Over the weekend, the Russian family ventured out to collect Easter eggs at an event.

Thanks to Britax, both 3-year-old Willow and 2-month-old Kingston travelled safely in their Britax Platinum PRO™ car seats.



Both Mum and Dad appreciate how the seats fitted seamlessly into their vehicles. They were also impressed by the Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™); “It is hard to put a price on peace of mind and this is exactly what Britax have given us”.

Fabric with Bamboo Charcoal – high performance Thermo5™ , the seat guarantees breathability. This received the tick of approval from Rozalia; “One of the elements of the Britax Platinum PRO™ that was a winner for us, was the fabric, made from Bamboo Charcoal material” means children will travel in quality and comfort.

You can be certain your energetic bunnies will be supported with Platinum PRO™ Britax Safe-n-Sound’s most advanced convertible car seat!

Thank you Rozalia for your kind words and putting your trust in Britax.

You can read all about Rozalia’s weekend adventures here.